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    Healthcare and helping people brings me joy. I have been in healthcare since I graduated from High School

  2. I believe I am a good candidate for the job, I am a fast learner and I went to school for it. I have never had the experience but would love to have a chance to work for you.
    Thank you,

  3. I admire successfully making the public happy with their needs and wants. I would love this opportunity to further my knowledge in public interaction and the medical field. I would be a great asset for your office! I am very devoted, and hard working.

  4. I believe I am a good candidate for this job because it is exactly what I have been looking for; therefore, I will work very diligently and hard. I have always excelled in every job I have had. I am willing to learn anything I can and be a perfect fit for this position. Thank you!

  5. I believe I am the perfect candidate for your position I have over 15 years in customer service experience and I am well versed in an office setting with my background in Multi-family housing.

  6. I worked for lsu medical center in Bogalusa,la as a currior and I am wonderful with the public. I think I’d be a great asset to your company and willing to learn far more.

  7. I will be a good candidate for your office. I have a few months experience in front office work. I am a fast learner.

    Thank you
    Johanna Lott

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