Levels of Applicant Membership

Free Membership

We have provided our services to employers and job seekers free of charge for many years. In 2022, we have decided to upgrade our service and add more benefits to our job board users. Our job applications are proprietary to our job board and are carefully crafted to meet the needs of the employers and each specific job posting and meet the specifications required for our Job Match system. To protect our Online application forms from misuse, we have added the requirement for a membership account to access our online application forms.

This free account will will always be free. Once you sign up, your account will never expire, unless you choose to cancel your membership. This membership level benefit is limited to accessing the online application forms hosted on our job board website.

Paid Membership

Paid membership comes with perks and benefits specific to each level. We keep adding additional benefits to paid accounts. Please see the comparison below for the current permissions.

Coming up: early access to new job postings.

Levels of Applicant Membership

*Application status update on sponsored (highlighted) jobs. Sponsored jobs use MSX online application forms on this job board website and applications.
**when job interviews are given by our interviewers, or when this information is provided by the employer following job interviews.
***When our application forms are submitted, or when applicant’s resume is uploaded to applicant’s profile.
****based on applicant’s resume, and sponsored position.

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