Photo Attachment Guidance

Some application forms posted on our website give the option to, or require you to, attach your photo (digital image) to your application form by uploading an image you already you have, or snapping a picture within the form if you’re on the mobile device.

There are no strict guidelines on what else to post as long as it is a true representation of your liking. We do, however, recommend that you:

  • Upload a professionally taken picture, if available
  • Upload an ID/passport type photo (head and shoulders portrait)
  • Photo must be recently taken (6 months or less), and unmodified (no filter applied)
  • Do not include other individuals in the photo.
  • Do NOT show, in the photo, information about your customers at work – particularly patients, if you work for a healthcare facility

Your photo will used for identification purposes only. It plays no negative role in the selection process, unless it’s a fake image or an inappropriate one. In fact, I thought of that portrays professionalism may increase the applicants chances of being invited to a job interview. Keep in mind, however, that the first step in shortlisting for jobs posted on our website is automated and the attached photos play no role. The only exception to this is database registry applications. The application will give you the option to decide who sees your photo.

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