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What is a Multi Skilled Technician in healthcare?

Generally, multi-skilled technician (MST) is a job title frequently used for healthcare assistants In medical facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes. MSTs Often times performed the same task as certified medical assistance; however, for this position, there’s, typically, no license, certificate or experience prerequisite to apply for the job. MSTs, generally, assist nurses and help patients with their non-medical needs. In medical practices, they tend to be more involved in medical patient care, under nurses or directly under healthcare providers.

Multi skilled Technician job description may vary between medical facilities. The description above is the derived From our local healthcare system.

Multi skilled Technician vs Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)

And like certified medical assistance I want to school then receive their certificate, multi skilled technicians can Apply for a position with almost exact job duties without CMA qualifications.This helps anyone get their foot in the door into healthcare career, and Offers healthcare facilities larger pool of candidates to fill their job opening.

Can an MST Apply for a CMA position, and vice versa?

If the position specifies CMA if your job title, then it’s likely that the employer is looking for candidates who have medical assistant training entertained their certificate. If the position, however, is for a medical assistant and does not specifically list MA Certificate and the job requirements, then is totally appropriate for individuals to apply for the position. CMAs Can apply for either position, and expect that their certificate Would qualify for a higher base wage than MSTs.

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