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    Website Global Business Solutions

    B-2-B Professional Consulting and Marketing

    Job Summary

    The Social Media Specialist, working in close collaboration with the web developers and online customer support team, contributes to the development of social media strategies and takes the lead in their implementation; creates, divorce, and maintains highly active social media accounts; and provides expert reporting, analytics, and advice to increase visibility, awareness, understanding and support for Global Business Solutions’ vision, corporate objectives, activities, and clients.

    The Social Media Specialist is responsible for managing GBS’ corporate social media accounts and Clients’ account managed directly by GBS and  collaborates regularly with colleagues and clients to ensure content aligns with strategic priorities.

    Although social media is the primary focus, the Specialist may also develop, use, and implement other new media (e.g. interactive media, multimedia, etc.) as required.

    The Specialist will work primarily from home but will be required to come to the office periodically to review strategy and metrics with the manager and will use the studio to produce and edit multi media content.

    Primary Duties or Responsibilities

    • Researches social media communication trends, best practices, policies, procedures. Identifies and assesses potential opportunities for GBS to use social media tools to enhance the scope, versatility and breadth of communication.
    • Contributes to the general online presence of GBS and its clients by analysing and implementing integration strategies of social media into the overall scope of online presence and online marketing strategy.
    • Monitors, reviews, and analyzes comments and conversations on GBS’ and clients’ social media sites and also on external social media to identify insights, emerging trends, risks and impact, and opportunities for engagement, growth, and market penetration. Liaises and consults with colleagues for appropriate actions.
    • Develops recommendations on how to respond to complex and sensitive social media inquiries and issues and reviews them with Communications management. Advises senior management on recommended approaches and potential repercussions. Responds to all inquiries and coordinates with manager and/or appropriate team for response/action. Monitors and moderate comments on social media posts, intervening as appropriate to answer questions and guide the conversation.
    • Assumes the role of Public Affairs Officer and collaborates with colleagues and clients to source, create (i.e. write short original content), edit, and post multi-media content on social media sites, including video dissemination on YouTube Channel or on website, and for distribution to external stakeholders; maintains all social media platforms for GBS; and, ensures timeliness and quality of all activities given their visibility to the public. Consults with internal and external stakeholders when targeting events for which social media will be used, and carries out live presence where appropriate.
    • Generates, monitors, gathers, and interprets analytics, conducts preliminary analysis, and reports on the effectiveness and influence of GBS’ social media communications tools for reaching and engaging target audiences and on key performance indicators. Integrates social media analytics with Web and other analytics in coordination with other online presence personnel as needed for meaningful comprehensive analysis that informs decision-making and priority-setting.
    • The Social Media Specialist acts as a Centre of Expertise on Social Media at GBS, providing training, advice and guidance to colleagues and clients as needed.
    • The Social Media Specialist is also responsible for social media research (practices and trends); analytics, overall reporting, monitoring, analyzing and reporting on comments and conversations on GBS, its divisions and services, as well as its clients; posting, going live and responding to inquiries/comments.
    • The Social Media Specialist is responsible for creating content for GBS’ and Clients’ social media accounts from any appropriate location, including home, office, GBS’ studios, outdoors, at events, at clients’ premises or activity locations ..etc.
    • Develop high-impact social media content – including graphics, videos and other multimedia formats – that effectively informs and engages target audiences and supports media and marketing campaigns.

    Job Requirements

    • Experience producing, editing and disseminating multimedia content for online audiences.
    • Experience using advanced tools for online publishing, including content management systems and social media tools
    • Experience producing and interpreting web or social media analytics to inform strategies and work plans.
    • Strong editorial judgement, including ethical, social and political awareness.
    • Proven ability to conceptualize, plan and execute ideas, build an engaged audience, and disseminate information in all formats, including text, images, audio and video, to the target audiences.
    • Excellent command of English and highly developed writing and editing skills
    • Excellent computer skills (Apple or MS Office essential program, Adobe images and video editing programs, or widely available alternatives)

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